The NextPrep-Mag™ cfDNA Isolation Kit is designed for extracting cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from human blood plasma using an ultra-rapid magnetic bead-based format. The kit can be scaled for use with plasma volumes ranging from less than 1 mL to more than 5 mL. The cfDNA recovered is ideal for constructing libraries for NGS sequencing and for other common applications. This easily automatable kit includes novel magnetic beads that attract almost instantaneously, dramatically reducing the time needed for cfDNA isolation. No vacuum pumps, column extenders, or specialized equipment is required.

The cell-free DNA isolated using this kit produces highly concentrated libraries, with fewer PCR cycles needed for amplification compared to libraries constructed using cell-free DNA isolated using silica filter isolation methods.

Bioo Scientific also offers NEXTflex™ Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit for Illumina library preparation, which is optimized for library construction from low input amounts of cfDNA in only two hours. This kit delivers high coverage and reduced bias, along with flexible multiplexing options.

Read here how you can simplify your cell-free DNA isolation and construct higher quality libraries with the NextPrep-Mag cfDNA Isolation Kit and the NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit.

Are you Isolating Cell-Free DNA from Urine?

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