The NEXTflex™ Mediterranean Fever Amplicon Panel allows you to quickly target and sequence 11 exons of the MEFV loci for the detection of germline mutations. Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF), associated with mutations in the MEFV gene, is the most common autoinflammatory disease. The mutations in MEFV result in uncontrolled production of interleukin 1, and inflammation. 300 allelic variants of MEFV have been described, with nine considered to be pathological variants with various significance. The NEXTflex Mediterranean Fever Amplicon Panel offers 100% coverage of MEFV and flanking intron-exon boundaries with 100% uniformity of amplicons at 0.2X mean coverage. The NEXTflex Mediterranean Fever Amplicon Panel contains primer pairs and reagents needed to amplify these coding regions of MEFV from DNA isolated from fresh or frozen samples and prepare libraries for Illumina sequencing.