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Developed in conjunction with Cellular Research Inc., enables high precision directional gene expression analysis by RNA-seq

Used to obtain “stranded” information which identifies the specific DNA strands a given RNA transcript was derived from

Provides an easy and flexible solution for generating single, paired-end and multiplexed libraries from mRNA or rRNA depleted total RNA

Validated amplicon-seq library prep kit developed to simplify bacterial metagenomics studies using Illumina® sequencing platforms

About Bioo Scientific

Bioo Scientific provides a complete portfolio of products that increase the sensitivity, flexibility and speed of next-generation sequencing for Illumina, Ion Torrent and SOLiD sequencing platforms. Our products include an extensive line of NEXTflex™ library prep kits, NEXTflex™ barcode kits and NEXTprep™ nucleic isolation kits that have been optimized for sample and library preparation, critical steps in next generation sequencing. We have focused our attention on increasing enzymatic efficiency to achieve robust, high-quality sequencing data and cost effective solutions for next generation sequencing.